After a nearly 2 year process, the American Arbitration Association issued an award of $9 million to SouthPeak Interactive, a client represented by West Short and Associates, PC.

“It’s extremely gratifying to be able to achieve an outcome like this for our client,” said Founding Partner West Short. “Especially when you consider that when this arbitration started, the the other side was seeking approx. $3.5 million in damages  from our client, and by the end of the case they got nothing and we got over $9 million.”

The award was a culmination of a two-year arbitration heard before the American Arbitration Association between the claimant, TimeGate Studios of Austin, Texas,  and Short’s client, SouthPeak Interactive et al, respondents.  The dispute regarded breach of contract allegations surrounding the development and publishing of an interactive computer game called “Section 8.”

“This case was essentially about the claimant trying to use the legal system to bully and intimidate our client to suit their purposes,” Short explained. “The party on the other side was extremely hostile and very aggressive.  So what’s really interesting about this case is how dramatically the tables got turned.”

“In the end, it was our ability to analyze the information, respond with actual evidence and present our case clearly to the American Arbitration Association that resulted in the award,” Short said.  “It’s a tremendous victory for our client. Tremendous.”



Read the Final Award, Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law here